48v 100ah Lithium-ion Solar Battery Energy Storage LiFePO4 Battery Backup System

Model: B-LFP-100
Battery Type: LiFePO4/Lithium Battery
Number of Cells: 16 cells

The B-LFP-100 is compatible with all industry-leading standard solar charge controllers, inverters, and energy management systems.  For example, Victron Energy, Fronius, SMA, Solis, Studer etc.

The B-LFP-100 can be applied to a variety of scenarios, such as office energy storage, home solar energy storage system, store backup energy storage battery, the compatibility is very strong, can be stacked, occupy The ground area is small, and it is easy to install and so on. B-LFP-100 adopts standard modular design and adopts advanced battery management system (BMS) to improve system performance, extend the life and ensure safety. Maintenance-free, reducing user costs.

Why Energy Storage Solutions?

This change to energy generation and consumption is being driven by three powerful trends: the arrival of increasingly affordable distributed power technologies, decarbonization of the world’s electricity network through the introduction of more renewable energy sources, and the emergence of digital technologies.

As renewable energy production increases, operators are challenged to supply reliable energy at premium cost efficiency. BSLBATT® Energy Storage solutions promote on-demand, dispatchable renewable power, increase profitability during fluctuating demand, optimize on-site power sources, capitalize on peak loads (while reducing demand charges), increase conventional power plant flexibility, and provide operating reserves while improving the security of your energy supply. Our team uses innovative design and simulation tools to tailor an agnostic technology portfolio to your specific requirements.